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New Bakaleya community!

A community for sharing fanworks, news, translations, and more related to Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou and the six Juniors featured in the drama

Because livejournal has been lacking, we're excited to announce  a new community, bakaleya_kumi, for all your Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou and Bakaleya Juniors fan media needs!  It's our hope over at bakaleya_kumi that we can be a welcoming place for fanwork creators and consumers as well as general fans to come together and share our love of Bakaleya.  We welcome all sorts of posts, from fanfiction to translations and news to pimp posts telling the world why your favourite character is the best character, so if you're interested, please come check us out! Membership is completely open and almost all the entries are to remain unlocked, so please come take a look!

(Mod, I hope this is allowed! I couldn't find any rule against advertising, but please delete if it's not allowed ^^;)

icons icons icons

Hey all! I'm back with some icons :D
mostly Yamada Ryosuke & Nakajima Kento

12 | Ryosuke Yamada
07 | Nakajima Kento
04 | Nakayama Yuma
01 | Jin & Kota



01 | B.I.Shadow
02 | Nakajima Kento
01 | NYC
02 | Yamada Ryosuke


get them OVER HERE
I just make an subtitle (on English), translation of Anata ni Otegami Kakimashou on Shounen Club January 7th, 2011
the letter from Nakajima Kento and Otsuka Yuya

*anyway I got the translation from here! thanks~ X3*

get it HERE on My Journal :D


I've created a community about Hokuto, with all my translations about him~~

Here's the link
:      hokuto_stardust